RIP Special K

February 22, 2010 - One Response





Notice the lack of cardboard or cereal anywhere. Gone.


Sydney’s obsession takes a dangerous turn…

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This is the worst one yet!  While I was at the doctor with Jack, Syd knocked down the fence (which she NEVER does) and attacked a bag of liver and arthritis prescription meds meant for Simba, my 17 year old cat. In all, she downed more than 150 pills, most of the containers they came in and of course, the plastic bag for dessert. Luckily I got home while she was just finishing so I was able to rush her up to the vet to have her stomach pumped before too much was absorbed. They’re keeping her for the day to monitor her but they’re sure she’s going to be ok. Whew! Such a Syd move.


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The thing formerly known as my winter boot. You’ll be seeing alot of this one.

nice work syd

Bloated anyone?

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8 hamburger buns (including plastic)

10 whole wheat wraps (including plastic)

1 patio cushion (large)

The infamous Sydney.

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Every day around when I get home a sense of dread washes over me. Why? Because I know when I open that door, something will be eaten. Stupid stuff, valuable stuff, irreplaceable stuff, useless stuff, dangerous stuff. Syd doesn’t discriminate. Care to follow along? Here we go…